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The Widow's Web Unwoven

The Mitchells' Mystery

Originally, “The Whispering Woods” started out as a single work. However, friends encouraged me to continue it as a series. What started out as one work quickly became a trilogy. It was my intention to write each piece independent of one another. That is, the reader did not have to read one without reading the other. Publishers encouraged me to combine all three works into one. “The Mitchells’ Mystery,” as it is now known, is a murder mystery. A serial-killer is on the loose. The tranquility of a wooded area has been compromised. Twenty plus bodies have been unearthed beneath its foliage. Detectives are quick to respond and unravel these crimes against humanity. There is one problem. One is potentially the killer. In the end, it is for the reader to decide. In the end, there are more questions than answers. “The Mitchells’ Mystery” leads itself to the possibility of another sequel.


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