Originally, “The Whispering Woods” started out as a single work. However, friends encouraged me to continue it as a series. What started out as one work quickly became a trilogy. It was my intention to write each piece independent of one another. That is, the reader did not have to read one without reading the other. Publishers encouraged me to combine all three works into one. “The Mitchells’ Mystery,” as it is now known, is a murder mystery. A serial-killer is on the loose. The tranquility of a wooded area has been compromised. Twenty plus bodies have been unearthed beneath its foliage. Detectives are quick to respond and unravel these crimes against humanity. There is one problem. One is potentially the killer. In the end, it is for the reader to decide. In the end, there are more questions than answers. “The Mitchells’ Mystery” leads itself to the possibility of another sequel.
“All Things Work Together for Good (Romans 8:28),”
I am Paul C. Markland. I use my father’s name, L. C. Markland, as a pen name. He passed away when I was a teenager. I use his name to remember his legacy. If truth be told, my mother, Lucy, inspired me to write. For years, she desired to write a novel. She failed to do so. She believed she lacked the education and experience. Had she only known her error. She was very articulate and well-versed. She passed away in 2003. She never fulfilled her goal to write a great novel. Both parents encouraged me to pursue an education. I graduated from Akron East High in 1983.
I attended the University of Akron where I earned a B.A. in Sociology, Criminology, and Victimology. My sights were set on law school, that is, until I was called into ministry. I acquired my M.A.from Malone College in Canton, OH. I faithfully served in my calling for twenty years. Health issues forced me to step down. It was then I decided to honor my father and mother through the stories I share. I am married to Judy Avon Erb Markland. We have two daughters, Ashley and Samantha, a son-in-law, Matthew Gibbons, and a grandson, Deacon Gibbons.
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